Monday, May 16, 2011

# Money Money plz come 2 me #

hye readers :)
how was ur day 2day?

Do u see that??? A lot of money isn't it?? Hye  beautiful gorgeous  Ringgit Malaysia plz come 2 me hehehehe... i miss u alot..
Tabung chomel

The red one is quite similar with mine...
Fuhhh when will my money will be full like dat?? Maybe  next 4 or 5 year latter? huhhhh...
I am on my moOd 2 shopping but.....
 my sayang said : Sabar b, simpan duit.. jimat ckit kate nk kawen.. Jgn membazir..
 I will cancel all my plan to watch movie dis month..

DAMMM!!!!Hopefully i can stand with my new spirit hahahahaha :))))
Guyzz wish me all da best k..
Don't want to ask my ummi n waliq again to give me money coz they have spend a lot of it to me since i was born.... Sorry ummi.. Sorry waliq bcoz have burden u a lot
One day i will repay u...

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