Monday, May 16, 2011

♥ Akhirnyeee ^__^ alhamdulillah ♥

Assalamualaikum wbt....
hye all :) 
alhamdulillah i finally have my degree scroll at 14h May 2011... 
Thanks to...................
 Allah, Ummi, Waliq, my beloved brothers, friends 
and last but not least to my sayang Muhd Ejat
u all so muchh mmmuaahhhh!!!
I have a great day starting on 13th May 2011 night.. All my family came 2 Shah Alam to attend my convocation hehhehe.. 
Staying in Quality Hotel for 1 night was like heaven 2 me... kikiki
Ok during that night all of us went to take a family pic at Sek 7.. Can't wait 2 see that pic. Hopefully the pic will be ok coz i'm very nervous dat day hahahaha... 
After dat we have dinner together at Lawangsari..
The foOd was amazing hahha even my father want to eat at that place on the next day but unfortunately it was closed.. Sorry Waliq maybe next time OK!!..
U all should try 2.. 
OK on my convocation day!!! jeng3...
it was a traffic jam DAMM!!
and i was late.. OMG!! i was late at my convocation day??
can't believe it but actually i'm not so late but i'm on time hahahaha...
I'm LOst at that new DEWAN AGONG!!!
it is because its a new DEWAN Ok!!!
hahaha still can be 4given..
It is a first time to all student 2 have their convocation there... is it amazing???
I'm also the 1st badge getting convo there.... Alhamdulillah...
i had snapping some pic with my friends... ulaalaa...
Thanks Mira & Salwa 4 comming...
Ok there are some pic taken...
just take a looK at it OK!!

Zaidatul Salwa, me and the ensem boy Luke  
Me and Si Chomel Goten

Zai, me and sweet couple :)

Nice :)

Me at da new Dewan Agong :)

My housemate ♥ u...

Peace with kak Peah :) 
Graduation.. Alhamdulillah 

hehehehe like it

Jumping 4 da victory 

Degree in Physic, UiTM Shah Alam

Sweet n Lovely Housemate

#Hepi Graduation Day all#
#Have lot of fun with all of u#

~waiting 4 family's pic~

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