Sunday, May 8, 2011

# Losing them #

hye everyone... hows life?? i hope everything gonna be ok.. 
don't 4 get 2 smile ok!! bcoz u look really great and gorgeous when u do that.. (actually i always 4get 2 smile myself but now i'm smiling..)
 Hurmm by looking at my entry u already can guess it will be a sad story right??
hehe just a story i wanna share with u oulz... 
i am loosing them....
My friends who i love so much... i know i am not as perfect person in this word, i always doing mistakes.. even a simple mistake.. But y it is so hard 4 u all 2 forgive me n gave me another change 2 be a better friend??? 
it am really sad whenever i think about that... i will cry badly.. i just wanna say SORRY!! I hope 1 day u all can 4give me bcoz i love u...
i don't want to lose any more friend/s...
i try my best 2 be a good friend.. and it is really hard... Wish me luck 

# ok guyz wanna try 2 sleep even i can't waaaaa.....!!
tomorrow wanna grab my convo rob.. wow i can't believe i wanna convo this saturday!! 
 hope i will enjoy the day :)

***misss u so much my 
hunny bunny muhd ejat..  

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