Sunday, October 9, 2011

feel like heaven

Assalam and hye..
how do you do?
Feel so glad being at home spending time with my beloved family, having some chit chat with his mom n i feel great!!
ALHAMDULILLAH.. Tq so much Allah for your help..
I won't admit it, it was not a good week last week but finally it solved when i come home :)

Tomorrow i will going back 2 shah alam..
but why i feel so sad leaving my family here..
;( waaaa..
am i homesick?

hurm i need 2 be strong..
its ok..insya allah everything will gonna be fine..

First setting back everything and FOCUS!
i am not having bunch of time wasting my time enjoying + playing all time..
hye wake up my dear ur actually having tough time doing ur MASTER.. Its not easy doing that..

Ya ALLAH ya TUHANKU please help me to finish my master in flying colours insya allah i will put alot of effort in this study. Please simplify it so that i can understand what thing that i do in my master and also can apply it in life. Amin 

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