Thursday, July 14, 2011

Assalamualaikum all :)
How is ur day 2day?
hehehe guess what... ?
i'm in Melaka :)
hehehe driving all alone such a boring thing ok!
Pas nh sape2 nk follow lets join me :)

OK !
Balik2 je dpt bad news.. hurm seriously i am worry about her..
Tibe2 je da sampai umh dpt news yg dye sakit..
Still don't know what kind of sickness she has..

Sakit pinggang, lenguh2...
hurm 2 jela perkataan yg dye ckp...
I wonder why?
I keep on searching on internet...
sakit saraf...? Sakit buah pinggang..?
ishh x mungkin la...

I hope sakit biase je...
tomorrow she will go to see doktor pakar saraf..
Just 2 confirm betul ke sakit saraf...

Kawan2 plz doakan kawan sy cept sembuh k...
Hope u will get well soon my dear, insya allah..
Maybe it is just a test from Allah..
Don't worry it will be fine 

Insya allah..

Gambar mase convo Sharil :)


emy hamizah said...

don't worry dear. ur friend will be ok ;)

nur syuhada said...

i hope so :)

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