Monday, June 13, 2011

# Kak Ana Tunang #

Its is almost 5.00 pm
i am still at da lab.. Since there is no work to do just grab dis free time for writing.
i wanna share my experience going to Pahang..
I had a great time there, helping my friend Kak Ana for her engagement...
i'm Quite JEALOUS here.. ;(
wanna get engage 2...!!
huhuhu.. ummi can i?
 ok! enough with the jealous feeling, lets continue with the story morie... :)
Staying in Triang 3 was quite winsome...
i can't imagine staying there for 4days in that felda..
there are some rumors saying there are no electricity staying in felda or fecra...
HEllo!!! now is advance ok..
"Astro pon ade tau hahhahah!"
i am just so lag behind..
The family is so caring n polite.. i also feel like all of them is also my family.
:) miss them already!!!
Can't wait to see them again...
Just wait for the weeding...
insya allah i will be there...
ok let's the pics speak!

~Kak Ana with maksu~

~Kak Ana with kak fiza~

~us~selekehnye saye hukk~

~Their family~

~Cantiknye kak Ana~

~the mak andam~

~Sarung cincin~

~Finally da jd tunang org da~

have a great day all....
congratez kak ana :)

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